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How do you deal with people who say ‘atleast you have the good cancer’?

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Dear Cancer...

In December 2016, it was discovered that I had Stage IV Maxillary Sinus cancer. I was so frightened and worried and wasn’t sure how I got to this point. I wasn’t done with life and I am not a quitter. I HATE you, cancer, for... [Read More]

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Survivor: Head and Neck Cancer

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Cancer, I found out that you were in my lymph node the same day that my 3 month old son started day care. Little did you know the life I’ve lived and how hard I had to fight in order not to be just another statistic... [Read More]

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Fighter: Head and Neck Cancer

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Dear Cancer, Fuck you. You'll never break me :-p Sincerely, Your Competition.

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Survivor: Hodgkin's Lymphoma

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