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Lymphedema advice please...

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Dear Cancer...

Dear Cancer, love and hate, that's what I think when I think about you. I love you because you made me do things that, in other way, I would never have done. Hate because it hurts... everything, the chemo, the changes,... [Read More]

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Survivor: Breast Cancer

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Dear cancer, Just wanted to let you know that I will be doing the Kokoda trail in September, just 2 years after you shoved me into brain surgery with a vengeance and made me learn to walk again! While you may have been able... [Read More]

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Fighter: Ocular Melanoma

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Dear cancer... Before you came along I could tackle anything life threw at me with pride of being fearless and ready for any situation. But I was never ready for you ... At 34, I never thought this would happen to me, these... [Read More]

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Survivor: Cervical Cancer

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