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What side effect from a drug made you quit treatment?


Dear Cancer...

on 23th march i killed you. Me, a small and innocent girl killed you! Not with a big sword neither with bombs or rackets just with a little heart filled with big hopes. My dreams killed you. My family killed you. My words killed... [Read More]

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Survivor: Ovarian Cancer

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You may have taken my bladder, but you couldn’t take me. I won!! I have my life and my family. The only thing I can thank you for is opening my eyes to what really matters in life Now go away and leave me be. You are not... [Read More]

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Survivor: Bladder Cancer

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I'm over your long-term side effects literally ruining my life! You caused this chronic pain. I never feel good. I used to feel strong. You took that away from me. Fuck you, Cancer!!!

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Survivor: Breast Cancer

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