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Has anyone who has had brain radiation have trouble walking about 4 years post radiation?

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Dear Cancer...

Dear cancer you nock and my life not once but twice but I am still a fighter because I have a family the care about me so I am not afraid of you

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Fighter: Breast Cancer

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Over 55 years ago you nearly snuffed me out, but I am a fighter who had the most amazing surgeons, incredible love and support from family and friends, then nearly succumbed again about eight years ago, but, thankfully, another... [Read More]

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Survivor: Bone Cancer

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I have chosen to be a part of as many cancer battles that I can. What I firmly believe is, the way that cancers are treated needs to change. Chemo cannot be given in the blind. I am here to be a part of the fight. .... Please... [Read More]

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Caregiver: All Cancers

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