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Dear Cancer...

So. You've taken another friend. And made another very sick. I'm waiting to find out if you have indeed come back to dance with me again. Some days you'll lead, but only when I'm too tired. Most days I... [Read More]

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Fighter: Head and Neck Cancer

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You fuckin suck.. you might have one the battle with my cus but if I get u again your ass is going down.... you will never never never win when it comes to me. Like before cancer 0 me 2

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Survivor: Medulloblastoma

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Dear Cancer, so it's going to be a year soon since I've beaten you in your own game. No wonder you took away my thyroid and gave me a scar for a lifetime but you know what? I embrace it everyday. It somehow just makes... [Read More]

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Survivor: Thyroid Cancer

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