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Would like to hear from others living with unique and rare cancers

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Dear Cancer...

Cancer, you came and gave me enormous pain at a time when i literally thought of taking my own life. You came and gave me pain when i was emotionally broken for the divorce of my parents, you came when i lost my most precious... [Read More]

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Fighter: Colon and Rectal Cancer

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Dear Cancer, You thought that you would stop me from starting my PhD because you showed up in my life 6 months before schoo starts, you thought you would stop me from getting married because I had planned on that this year, you... [Read More]

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Fighter: Breast Cancer

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Dear Cancer, Well hello there. How are you doing? Are you having a good time these days? I just learned that you did not like AT ALL all the poison you received. OOOOPS. Don't worry though. Much more is heading your way... [Read More]

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Fighter: Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia

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