Financial:  I Could Have Bought My Dream Car
The New Normal (Life After Cancer Series)

Financial: I Could Have Bought My Dream Car

Join hosts Mailet Lopez and AnnMarie Giannino as they discuss the financial impact of cancer during treatment, recovery, and the rest of your life. The New Normal is a short form video series that tackle various topics about navigating life and its challenges after cancer.


About the Hosts

Mailet Lopez

Mailet Lopez is a cancer survivor who is focused on supporting the cancer community through many endeavors. Her commitment to making sure no one has to go through cancer alone moved her to create and launch one of the world’s most engaged user generated support platforms. Mailet also runs a successful communications agency in NYC and has spoken on many panels internationally discussing cancer, health philanthropy, and communications.

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AnnMarie Giannino

AnnMarie Giannino is a cancer survivor and is a nationally renowned personality supporting cancer and suicide prevention. Although she is a mother of four boys, she somehow found the time to be one of’s strongest ambassadors and focuses on connecting people to support each other during their process. AnnMarie is also founder of Stupid Dumb Breast Cancer.

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