How Have You Found Comfort Through Creativity?

Creative outlets (dance, writing, art, etc.) have been used by so many as a coping mechanism during the roller-coaster of life. We asked the I Had Cancer Community "How did you find comfort through creativity during your cancer journey?" Here are some of the community's responses:

@OhioCooper: Gardening, painting art of my fence, wood burning, and knitting hats for shelters & food pantries. 

@AshleyConstance30: I 100% found comfort through creativity! Dance, modeling, and artwork. 

@TobiPerl: I attended art therapy…who knew I could actually draw!

@CurlySuz1971: I danced my way through cancer. My instructor choreographed a dance in my honor and taught it to the class on the day of my bilateral mastectomy surgery. She didn’t share this with me until years later. It was one of my favorite dances. 

Sunburst_City_Dragons: I 100% did this! My creative outlets gave me a happy place to retreat to, helped to drown out my worries, and brought me great satisfaction. I wrote children’s books and any good feedback I received made me feel so much better. 

Brenda McLain: I’m not sure it counts as “creativity”, but I became a volunteer, learned about DNA, and began helping people to find their “beginnings” in various situations. Post-cancer stress consumed me for a long time (especially with high doses of Prednisone). Awake all night etc. My volunteer work was truly a relaxing outlet and a way to think of someone else other than myself.


Here are some other pieces written by the IHC community about their personal creative outlets during cancer: 

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Did you find comfort through creativity during cancer? Join the discussion in the comments below. ❤️