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These Are My Scars | Cancer Poem

October 20th, 2016 |

by AnneMarieC | Fighter: Lung Cancer    Connect

I was born naked
Perfect skin
Ten fingers ten toes
One mouth one nose
To breathe life into my lungs
I cry out

I grow
I learn
I stumble
I earn
I fall
I stand tall

Then you came
Death and destruction
Fear and shame
Monster of many names
I cry out

Needles needles needles
Cut open
Born naked
I cry out

Your footsteps follow
Darkness and doubt
Sadness and anger
Fear of your shadow upon me
I crawl
I grope
I struggle
I fall
I cry out
I stand tall

Born naked
These are my scars
I wear them proudly
I stand tall
I cry out

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Image courtesy of Li Yang

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AnneMarieC's picture
Anne Marie is a 7+year cancer "liver" who has despite having ups and downs lives a very full and blessed life with stage 4 ALK+ NSCLC.