My Ordeal: Burnt And Sore Skin, This Is a Fight I Will Win!

 My Ordeal

Written by Michelangela Cammarata


The news was devasting, time stood still,

My heart had broken and I was about to climb a steep a hill.

I thought perhaps it would be more like a mountain, 

as tears streamed down my cheek like a fountain.

And my emotions ran wild,

as I cringed and thought what about my child?

What had just happened? How could this be?

I was diagnosed with breast cancer, could God hear my plea?

Tests and waiting….

All this translating….

Surgery followed by some mental relief,

I prayed and then was hit with more disbelief…

Chemo they said,

I couldn't deal with all these thoughts in my head!

8 rounds of an IV in my arm,

I sat there and tried to remain calm.

Everyone telling me to remain positive,

As my hair diminished all from the cause of it.

Radiation followed,

It was a daily overload,

Burnt and sore skin,

I said this is a fight I will win!

Gradually starting to regain strength, 

This is my life and I want to live it to a great length!

My love to those who helped and stood by,

I will never forget you as I reminisce and cry.

This ordeal was quite a challenge I had,

I have to move forward, I can't be mad.

I must live a full life every day,

Yes, I want to be here for the long stay!

I want to be here for my children and family,

Yet be healthy!

This experience can do a lot to someone,

Looking back I want to say this was a battle I won!