Son Writes Spoken Word for Mom To Give Her Strength During Breast Cancer Treatment

When Riston's mom, Evelyn, was diagnosed with breast cancer, he felt broken. He knew that she had the strength to fight it, but he had trouble expressing how he felt about the situation. While he was on the plane to go to her side at Carolinas Healthcare System in Monroe, NC, he started writing a poem/spoken word. As he said, "I had so many emotions and I couldn't express myself at the time so I began to write lyrics of my emotions at the time to help her feel stronger and help me explain to her that I was there for her. When I arrived I began reading her what I wrote and just so happened my nephew was recording the moment."

The fight against cancer is, unfortunately, all too familiar to Riston. His family has been plagued with it for years, and he has lost 5 relatives to the disease. But, as he says in his Facebook post below, breast cancer can't stop his hero, his mother.

Click the play button below to listen to Riston perform his song for his mom:

F**k cancer even tho that you got it.

Keep fighting on a daily because stopping is not a option

Your not the type for mopeing, crying, or looking sad.

Instead you let me know to appreciate what I have

A woman taught a man to be a better man

U taught me make a plan and see it to the end!

You taught me keep it moving and never hold a grudge!

And everytime I felt like quitting you said we never giving up

That's I never gave a (what)

I apologize for cursing

But if I don't keep it real than this verse don't have a purpose

If I don't keep it real they gonna stroll past like this worthless

I ain't doing this for them I'm doing this because you worth it

Sitting In our darkest hour with cancer on my mind state

Thinking bout the ppl that it killed in our family

I'm thinking bout Martha (My Aunt that died with cancer)

I thinking bout Lil (My aunt that died with Cancer)

I'm thinking bout Eutes (My Uncle who died with cancer) cooking burgers on the grill

I'm thinking bout Trish (My cousin that died with Cancer)

I'm thinking bout Lee (My other Aunt that died with cancer)

I'm thinking bout you I'm thinking bout me

I'm thinking bout your mother that I never got to meet

I thinking about the reasons that I'm barely getting sleep

I think about your struggle everytime I get weak

Then I have to wipe them tears from my melanated cheek.

I don't know about defeat

I don't care about last week

All I care bout is this cancer know it's ass getting beat

And that's real I love you momma