Cancer In One Word: Fear

Let's face it, when you are faced with a cancer diagnosis, you learn a lot of new words - and old words take on a whole new meaning. In a new series of guest blog posts from cancer coach Tambre Leighn, she will be exploring many of these words that we all can associate with. Read more to find out what she says about the word "fear."

What could possibly be good about fear?

Simple: Fear can keep us safe. When we consciously take fear out of the dark corners and throw light on it, we can determine if we are in danger. Some fear is an instinctual response letting us know to pay attention. If we're crossing a street and a car is coming at us, a little fear and its accompanying shot of adrenaline is a good thing.

The challenge is that rarely are we truly in harm's way. According to the National Institute of Mental Health, 90% of our fears are based on the things that haven't already occurred or issues that are considered to be insignificant. Yet our thoughts, worries and concerns can hijack us quickly and send us spiraling into those dark corners.

How To Handle Fear

Often what we fear is the unknown. Thus, getting informed with facts and generating strategies often helps us to move from fear into action. When we have a plan and support, fear has fewer opportunities to take root and run our lives.

Ask yourself this question: In this moment, am I safe? This question is a way to get grounded quickly in the present. When we sense we are okay for the moment, we can release the fear and create an action plan or take steps.

Share your fears comments below and Tambre will help you create an action plan that will allow you to relieve.



(Images courtesy of I Had Cancer)