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Dear Mom: Are You Proud of Me? | Cancer Poem

July 3rd, 2019 |
Family & Parenting

by Missy-81682 | Caregiver: Breast Cancer    Connect

It's not fair, I can't let you go,

I sit here & plead, why must she go?

She's my everything,

My mom, my best friend..

Now that you have taken her,

Where do I begin?

Mom lived her life for others,

Always giving her hand to help

She taught me to stand, to fight

To survive on my own

She taught me life's lessons,

And undivided love,

Cuts, scrapes & bruises

You made them all better

With your love, 

To have that chance,

To have her back,

Just to smell her perfume..

To hear her say "I love you"

You lost a strong fight against Breast Cancer, 

On your hardest days

You'd say

 "I'm just having a no hair day"

Someday I will see you again, 

Not soon enough I know,

Why did you have to leave me,

I hope you can see me mom, 

I only have one question, 

Are you proud of me?

Every day gets harder without you home.. 


Till we meet again,

I love you mom, I miss you

Love your only daughter

September 21, 2015

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The author of this post has requested to remain anonymous. As many know, cancer is not an easy subject to talk about. Being anonymous makes it easier for someone to come foreward and speak openly about these things. We hope our blog can strike a chord and really facilitate these conversations, so that posts like this will one day not require anonymity.