Could Music Be Used As Armour Against Cancer?

A few weeks ago I was diagnosed with cancer that once again metastasized for the third time. Of course, it put me in a mood, to say the least. Every time my cancer metastasizes, my mind is opened to seek out other ways to be more mindful, to be more present, to remove toxic items and people from my life and replace them with positive things instead.

Let me preface this by saying, for the past two weeks I have been sad and depressed. I am a strong, resilient Cancer Warrior and since I had many obstacles in my life pre-cancer, cancer, I have endured quite well, even though I still have experienced many side effects and issues. A few days ago, I spoke to my possible surgeon and he gave me some hope that he thinks there is a possibility of getting all the metastasis this time, allowing me to have the quality of life I desire in order to travel and roam the globe. My spirits began to lift and I went from having that victimhood feeling of “Cancer defines me and is ruling my life” to “Cancer does NOT define me and I REFUSE to allow it to rule my life!”

I thought I was feeling better and positive and being me, moving on… then I watched  Jesus Christ Superstar, a musical on Broadway HD. NOW, I AM FEELING BETTER!!

I became keenly aware that I was up off the couch, dancing, laughing, singing along and even twirling myself about (one of my favourite inner child ways to play). Here in Colorado we, like many other states, got slammed with a big snowstorm. It is constantly grey and bleak outside and quite cold. Yet, I still felt happy, warm, and elated inside my soul. 

I hollered out to my spouse, “Ah Musicals make my soul happy! I feel so alive!” then I twirled...of course! :)

Then it hit me: since stress is such a big factor in a cancer diagnosis, and change of lifestyle, habits etc play a big factor in healing, how, if ever, has music played a role in this? Why have I not heard about this before? A mind, body connection is huge in our recovery from any surgery or illness so I would think there would have to be studies about its connection to cancer. 

Cancer is a battle.

Could music be used as armour against cancer?

You can call it whatever fluffy term you like, but the harsh reality is that it is a battle. When someone dies, they say she lost her battle to cancer. They say she could not fight anymore. Some say the person gave up. But what if they didn’t give up? What if they just didn’t have the right armour?

Would you call Chemotherapy a weapon used to fight cancer?

It clearly is a weapon. Poison, administered to your body so severe that the nurses have to put on special protective covering and stand away from the chemo to give it to you.

When facing this battle, or war, depending on how you may feel about it, you need all the armour you can get your hands on. I am open to whatever armour I can get, whether it be spiritual, physical, mental, psychological, and so on. I feel like Sean Connery in “Finding Forrester” when questioned about why he wears his socks inside out. He replied, “The Tibetans believe wearing them like this is good luck, so I figure, it can’t hurt!”

It can’t hurt.

It can’t hurt to try other forms of armour.

“Research hasn't disappointed and seems to say that the sound of music really does help people climb the mountains we call cancer treatment.”

There are emotional and psychological benefits in addition to:

  • Reduced anxiety and improved mood
  • Improved quality of life
  • Better pain control
  • Decreased shortness of breath
  • Vital Sign Improvement
  • Increase in natural killer cells - A type of white blood cell that can kill tumor cells or cells infected with a virus. Also known as NK cell and NK-LGL.

Of course, music can make you sad as well. I think we all have had our time crying to songs that make us really feel from all sides. I feel, for me, that is just as good as when I am happy because both release what I need in order to heal, to help, to overcome and most importantly to be able to continue the fight. 

I am no doctor, but as a three-time Cancer Warrior, I am putting on my music armour anytime I can!

XOXO Trisha Trixie


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Photo courtesy of author.