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Weekly Update 6/5/17
June 5th, 2017

We hope everyone enjoyed National Cancer Survivor's Day yesterday! This was a day for cancer survivors and warriors to celebrate life and inspire those who are currently fighting- But that shouldn't be limited to just one day. Let's keep the inspiration going. If you wish to continue sharing your before and after cancer treatment pictures, please tag us in them at @ihadcancer across Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram for a chance to be featured on our page! Below is some of the latest news on IHadCancer- You can view the content by clicking directly on the text.

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Recent Dear Cancer Messages

You tried to take me from my son, you failed. You will always fail because I will not allow anything to take me from him.

Everyday I get up and I do what I can to be an active part in my children's lives. Everyday I work towards getting back to me. And I will continue to work towards leaving cancer behind.

Recent Facebook Posts

"Today is your day, cancer survivors (and thrivers, and metavivors, and warriors)! It's a day to celebrate life and inspire those who are currently fighting The Big C. If you have heard the words "You have cancer," you count as a survivor in our book. Share this to show your support!"Read more here.

"For #NationalCancerSurvivorsDay, the best way we can celebrate the incredible lives of cancer survivors (and everyone else who has been affected by it) is to share their stories. Check in with them again to see where they're at in their journeys!" ‪‬Read more here.

"Happy National Cancer Survivor's Day! Share your "before and after" cancer treatment picture to celebrate life and inspire those who are currently in treatment.
‪‬Read more here.

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Emphysema as side effect of chemo, radiation, or hormone pills?

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