The Top Pros and Cons of Losing Your Hair From Chemo

Hair loss is often times referred to as one of the most traumatic side effects of cancer treatment. It may occur only on the head, but it could also include eye lashes, eyebrows, nose hair and total body hair as well. Certain drugs, such as Taxotere, are more likely to cause hair loss or thinning. It sucks. Whether you are reading these to find the silver lining in the pros, or to become better prepared by reviewing the cons, you can use this list to empower yourself. Knowledge is power and the more you know about what’s to come, the better suited you are to overcome it.

Thank you to the IHC community for contributing these pros and cons and helping us tell the story. If you have any others that were missed, please comment and let us know!


      1. You may not have to shave as often


      2. I could be fun to experiment with henna crowns, head coverings and wigs


      3. You may save money on shampoo and hair products


      4. You can experiment with bold styles you were always too scared to try


      5. Your eyelashes may come back in longer and thicker


      6. You can experiment with new makeup techniques


      7. You will save time getting ready every day


      8. You will save money and water by taking shorter showers


      9. Your hair may come back with texture or color you’ve always wanted


      1. You may lose hair on more than just your head


      2. Your hair may come back with a texture or color that you don’t want


      3. The loss of nose hair could cause nosebleeds and other issues


      4. Leg hair may grow back sporadically


      5. Your scalp may be very sensitive


      6. Some hair may never come back at all


      7. Being bald may alter your sense of identity


      8. Wigs can be itchy, hot and uncomfortable


      9. Hair may itch as it begins to grow back


      10. Cold weather may be uncomfortable on your scalp


      11. You may receive unwanted attention from passerbys


      12. Waiting for it to grow can be frustrating

If you are looking for inspiration as you start on your hair-loss/re-growth journey, check out a few powerful ladies sharing their experiences on Instagram: @laurenlenny, @yogabbyyy, @jessicamelore, @lindizzaster, (pictured below) and @thrivensurvive (pictured above).

What are some other pros and cons of losing your hair? Share in the comments below and we will add them to the list!