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Weekly Update 2/21/2017
February 21st, 2017

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Recent Dear Cancer Messages

Dear Cancer, I will not stand quietly by and let you take my friends from me. I will stand by them as they fight you off and tell them I love them and I am there for them.

Yes, I lost a hair. But you know what? I realized that Hair is not the only way that will make you beautiful I boost some confidence that even tho I dont have hair I still can be beautiful in my own way.

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"Real talk - what are you struggling with today?"Read more here.

"Thyca community - have any of you experienced this? Share in the comments below.
"I woke up covered w blood around on my neck 7am. There are2 skin tags which is disgusting that just popped out on my incision. I think they are skin tags what the hell do I know. that's where the blood was coming from. Anyone experience this?
Brand new never been there I would of noticed them Bc I look at my neck everyday. I refuse to have them removed as I'm very sensitive w my scar area. These things hurt too. At the end of my incision." #thyca #thyroidcancer #helpforafighter"
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Recent Discussions

Does anyone else feel like companies just use cancer as a way to play on emotions to sell their product? And, I'm not talking about during October. Like, I just saw an ad fora coffee creamer showing a woman who removes her wig as she prepares to go back to work, and the tagline is about courage. Yes, we've all been there- going out in public bald, returning to work, or returning to some semblance of a normal life. This ad, though, didn't leave me thinking about how I've been in that situation; rather, it left me feel upset, like how dare this company take something so personal just to sell their coffee creamer.

I had a port put in yesterday. The surgeon that put it in told me that it would feel like a sore muscle after working out. Well that's not quite how it feels it hurts really bad and it feels like I had surgery. Did anyone else go through a pain like this an port?

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