An Ode To My Hair: Naturally | Cancer Poem

Being bald was part of my journey but that wasn’t the journey. The fight is much bigger and I wish that everyone experiencing baldness can see that- don’t let it be your death sentence. Stop mourning the hair you used to have and the person you used to be and give yourself the opportunity to be reborn again. Below is a poem I wrote dedicated to my hair.

Call me what you want to call me
Vain I may be
But I felt my heart break into pieces
When he said Bald would be me

I remembered the times I hated my hair
That I Cursed my curls
Although they were tight & puffy
I was the envy of many girls

For I didn't have to drown my hair in products
It curled naturally
Just water & gel for my baby hairs
And then my curls would be set free

Always scared to get it straightened
Thought my hair would fall out
I took my chances with dyes & highlights
The ombre I was all about

Fell in love with a chestnut brown
I thought this was it
No need to keep dying
The search for the perfect color would quit

I always said one day I would go back to natural
Dye it dark again & do a long bob
But something bigger & stronger
That moment would rob

For life had another meaning of what natural would be
I was thinking my God-given color, no fuss or care
But instead what life gave me
Was no hair

No, it wasn't from the things I worried about
Blonde highlights or the keratin
That is not why it fell out
Only something stronger it could be
The last thing I thought
But it was chemotherapy

It all fell out
Strong soldiers they were not
And to make it worse
My lashes and brows would soon join the boycott

Each strand left me
When I needed it most
To say "Screw you, Cancer"
Your party I will not host

After every cycle, they would make a little appearance
But before I knew it, it would happen again
Total clearance

So here I am, last cycle is done
Waiting to see what my hair will become

Feeling hopeful & reborn
a new definition of living naturally
Learning & Loving to be simply me

How did your self-perception change after your cancer treatment?

Photo courtesy of Andy Taveras.

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