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Weekly Update 2/7/2017
February 7th, 2017

Hey everyone! Below is some of the latest news on IHadCancer- You can view the content by clicking directly on the text.

February is National Cancer Prevention Month! What are some conversations relating to prevention you'd like to talk more about?

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Recent Dear Cancer Messages

Dear Cancer, I hate you and always will. You took away parts of my everyday living and you disgust me. Thanks to you I will never be the same although I try my best to be me again! I win !

Dear Cancer, You were like a candle and I was like a fire hose: No Chance!

Recent Facebook Posts

"Tom Brady won this Super Bowl for his Mother, who has cancer. "She’s been though a lot. Way harder than what I went through last night, what the team went through,” Brady said. “All families go through challenging times personally. I’m just happy to be able to celebrate."Read more here.

""My name is Sue and I'm battling stage 3a ovarian cancer, I found out my friend has stage 1 breast cancer..after first round of chemo she started losing her hair, in support of her I shaved my head with her..cancer is a friggin' demon, I'm in constant battle with my body everyday - I wish people knew or get it, I may look great and don't look sick but trust me I am.....I'm the one on the left..God bless all the fighters, survivors and honor the ones we lost..#cancersucks" -- Susan Anne

Thank you for being a cancer supporter AND survivor, and a part of our network! We need people like you to help get the other fighters & survivors through their battles"
‪‬Read more here.

Recent Discussions

Do you fear reoccurrence? Does that fear every go away? I finished radiation 4 months ago and all I do is fear it is coming back. Anyone else have this problem?

Does anyone else have trouble connecting to other people?

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