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Weekly Update 1/11/2017
January 11th, 2017

Hi everyone!

Happy new year! Below is some of the latest news on IHadCancer- You can view the content by clicking directly on the text.

The results of our first-ever Blog Awards are in! Click here to read them and thank you for everyone who submitted and shared their story.

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Recent Dear Cancer Messages

Dear Cancer, I beat you and will help anyone who needs help to do the same!

Dear Cancer, please don't ever come back. You scared me to the core. I get it, I'm mortal. But I hate you so much. Please don't ever ever come back.

Recent Facebook Posts

"I know the feeling of being there for your child no matter how hard it is. She was there for me through it all she gave me my neupagin shots n kissed my head every time and called me pretty lady" -- Terri, Non-Hodgkin's Stage III Survivor.
Now is a good time to take stock of the people you have around you to be grateful for."
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"May this poem inspire you as you start thinking about your goals for 2017" ‪‬ Read more here.

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