Must-Haves For Living And Working From Home

We hope that you all have been able to stay safe and healthy at home these past few months. Just because many of us have been able to stay at home does not mean that staying at home has been easy. There has been some good in being able to do so; experimenting with meals and baking; Marie Kondo’ing your closet; taking on new hobbies; and perhaps some more challenging things like having to take on homeschooling. Spending more time at home may have once seemed like a dream but never did we imagine it in this way. Had we known; we would have been better prepared.

Since things are not fully back to “normal” and who knows when that will be, we have compiled a list of products to help you spend your time more efficiently at home with this #StayAtHome Must-Have Guide. Do you have something that is making your life easier? Share it in the comments.

And, we have also compiled a list of ways to bring some of the summertime fun to your home.

Work From Home Essentials

Sometimes you can't work from your desk all day. A laptop desk will allow you to work from almost anywhere in your house more comfortably! This laptop desk comes with a phone holder and a built-in mouse pad, perfect for working from your bed or on the couch. If your laptop is prone to overheating, this wooden laptop desk includes holes underneath where the laptop sits for more air circulation. The wooden desk also includes a cupholder, a drawer, and can double as a breakfast tray. 

If you are doing a lot of video calling, whether it is for work or to stay in touch with friends and family, this webcam is a great choice. Many desktop computers do not have built-in webcams, and they may not produce high-quality video. This 1080p webcam is high quality and also has a privacy shutter to ensure that nothing can be seen when you are not using it. 

If you struggle with chronic pain, this desk chair will keep you feeling comfortable for the time that you spend working on your computer. There are mid-back, high-back, and drafting versions of this desk chair, so you can buy the one that will provide you the most support for the work you will be doing. 

Spending time listening to music or podcasts? These are some inexpensive wireless headphones that will be comfortable for long periods of listening. They also come with a built-in mic, so you can use them for calls.

Staying organized during these times is absolutely essential. Whether working from home, looking for work, keeping track of appointments, or keeping your whole family organized; this to-do list book and note pad will help you. The book has no dates, so you can fill in the dates yourself and use it whenever you need a planner without needing a new one for 2021. One idea for the notepad is to attach the sheets to your fridge with magnets so that everyone can make sure they are on track for the day.

These WoodWick candles are a favorite of ours. They create a relaxing environment that sets the mood for whatever you need to do at home. The wicks are made of wood, as their name suggests, and produce a crackling sound just like a fireplace! With many scents to pick from, there’s something for everyone.

Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate! Even though you may be spending a lot of time at home, it may be easy to forget to keep hydrated. There are a variety of stainless steel, vacuum-insulated water bottles like S’well, LinkIit, and Mira that you can carry around so you don’t forget. Keep drinks and food colder or hotter longer. 

Workout From Home

The gym may be closed, but you can still find some time every day to stretch, move, and meditate. Here are some tools you can use! Of course, if this is not something you've been doing, make sure you check with your doctor before taking on new physical activities.

Feeling stressed? Yoga is a way to meditate and work out daily in a way that isn't too stressful on the body. This 7-piece yoga set can have you ready to go in no time. 

Don’t know where to start with your Yoga practice? Try this FREE 30 day yoga journey with Adriene. Whether you are a beginner or not, she gently guides you through a series of moves and provides modifications if you need them. The sessions are great because they range from 15-43 minutes. Doing them from home saves you the travel time making it less of a commitment that you can fit in at any time of the day. Give yourself some much needed time off, become one with your breath and help release any stress you may be dealing with. Namaste.


This light dumbbell with a storage rack set will help you start to build strength without straining any muscles. The stretch strap will also help you achieve that full-body stretch you have been looking for. 

These 5lb ankle weights can help make your workout a bit more challenging whether you're walking around the house, or when you're able to go for a stroll around the neighborhood. These ankle weights are filled with sand for a more comfortable fit for longer exercise sessions. 

No workout is complete without a cooldown. Turn on this diffuser for a little mediation and aromatherapy. Add some of your favorite essential oils for an opportunity to bask in the euphoria of what you’ve just accomplished. Relax for a long as you need or use it when going to bed.


Cook From Home Essentials

If you, like many of us on our team, have been cooking more as you rest at home, you may be looking for tools to make the cooking process easier. Here are some nifty gadgets so you can continue to scratch that cooking itch!

Storage containers are essential for a neat and tidy kitchen, and these BPA free ones come with labels for you to locate your items easily!

These herb scissors come with pouches for easy cutting and storing your fresh seasoning! Definitely a must-have for those who love to have fresh cuts of things like parsley or rosemary for their dishes. ]

And, if you have a window nearby why not try your own organic herb garden. Fresh herbs at your fingertips when you need them. If you have a big enough area, try this 9 herb garden instead.

Working with different foods can be a smelly process. Garlic and onions are used in many different dishes, and they can leave your hands smelling awful for days. This Rub-Away stainless steel bar will take the smell from your hands even if soap and water don't work!

Missing your favorite breakfast sandwich spot? You can make amazing breakfast sandwiches at home with this electric sandwich maker. It even comes with different recipes, including keto and paleo-friendly ones, to make all types of sandwiches in your machine.  If you need something a little more versatile, a panini press is a great option for nicely toasted sandwiches...mmm

Keep checking back as we will continue to update the list or check out our Amazon Shop for other ideas.


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