Little Things, Big Impact | Cancer Poem

October 19th, 2017 |

by irenacurcic | Survivor: Breast Cancer    Connect

This poem's message is: we do not need grand gestures of support, declaration. Support is in being there, offering a warm hug. Little things often mean a lot.

Do not mention all the wounds cut
and tears wept

Look at these lively eyes,
plunge into her soul
and keep quiet ...

Feel her fights,
Make it easier and take away the load
from her shoulders.

Caress her weary hands
So she can feel the warmth.
Bring joy to her wounded heart
And laugh with her like you used to.

Kiss her soft cheeks,
She can never get enough tenderness.
Take away the heavy clouds, comfort her,
Bring in the sunshine, hug her.
Come on, she's waiting for you

What are some small gestures that affected you deeply? Share them in the comments below!

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irenacurcic's picture
I am from Croatia and I am a breast cancer survivor. I love to write a poems, enjoy life and skiing.