I Talk About My Cancer To Help You Understand, Not To Seek Pity

Hi, I’m Cielo! I fought cancer. That’s my superpower! What’s yours?

Actually, I really don’t want to keep talking about cancer like I used to do. When I post something about cancer or sarcoma awareness, it doesn't mean I need your sympathy.

Yes, I still talk about my cancer because this is my life now. I still talk to those who are open to listening. I still talk about it, but it's not as if my time is only spent on talking about my fight with cancer. Like you, I am living in the present moment. Like you, I’d move on. I've moved forward, but it is not learned in a day. It is learned for months. It’s like moving on from someone who broke your heart, but of course, you can still talk about that person, am I right?

No, it doesn’t hurt my feelings if you are not interested to hear about cancer awareness or myself talking about my cancer journey. It doesn’t hurt my feelings because I’m a superhero. I’m a warrior!

The truth is, you don’t want to hear any cancer stories because you are afraid, you are annoyed, and the truth is, I don’t care if you won’t listen.

The reason why I write, why I share my story with you, what my life is now after cancer, is to connect with you. I don’t want you to feel sad or sorry for me. No, never. Instead, I want us to talk the same language. Yes, it’s difficult to be in cancer patients or survivors’ shoes. It’s not easy to be aware and sensitive to our feelings in order to help or comfort us. But, you can listen to us. I know there is no right word that you can say to someone who has cancer. Your sincerity matters even when there are no words you can utter. You can also control your judgement towards us, that way you could have a deeper understanding of our journey.

No one is invincible. I could never wish that cancer would happen to you. I share because I want everyone to be aware of their health, to get a check up.

Think of the people you love and treasure them. Cancer could be someone’s end of life or beginning of a new life. It could be a warning, trial, and a lesson not only to us, who had cancer, but for everyone. We all die one day, but don’t let cancer steal your joy and kill you.

Everything happens during the fight with cancer, and it has changed me big time. As a survivor, I embrace a new life beyond the illness. I am sharing with you my journey compassionately.

How do you feel about sharing your cancer journey with others? Share your story in the comments below!

Photo courtesy of the author.