Her Crown | Cancer Poem

She is… strength

An infusion of warrior with authentic spirit
An embodiment of resilience exposing her fight in a tumultuous journey

Her smile brightens despite the darkness hidden
and her perseverance takes the lead
despite the exhaustion her body endures.

She has simply mastered walking chin-up despite her downs
with no appearance of frowns.

She is… strength

A woman who loves beyond capacity
and fights in silence.
The scars so easily displayed are
marks of her testimony
a battle wound stitched by God's love.

It's only right
that she live in abundance.

Yet… she is more than strength

She is me and you,
she is love,
she is morning,
she is creativity,
she is fortitude,
she is power.

She is… a Queen

For only those who can embrace this reality
can wear a crown
with the weight
of the world.

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