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The World Is Less Lonely With Cancer Friends In It | CancerOwl Comic

November 14th, 2016 |

by cancerowl | Survivor: Colon and Rectal Cancer    Connect

CancerOwl's penchant for capturing the experience of living with cancer has given us a lot to talk about in his last few posts. Now, he wants to extend his talent to cartoonize stories beyond his personal journey. As he said himself, "My passion after I was diagnosed was to be a voice." This is his introduction to illustrating the colorful world of the cancer community.

Click the image below to view CancerOwls' first exclusive IHadCancer comic.

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cancerowl's picture
Matthew was working as a therapist when he got news that he had colorectal cancer. Today he is cancer free, and makes cartoons about having cancer by drawing himself as an owl. You can see more of his cartoons at cancerowl.com.