The Cancer Community Thanks You, Pitbull

When we shared the news that Pitbull sent a private plane to rescue cancer patients in Puerto Rico, the response from the cancer community was immediate, and it was impassioned.

There are 3.4 million residents in Puerto Rico who are in dire help after Hurricane Maria has devastated their homes last Friday, September 22nd. 1.5 million of them do not have access to drinking water. The majority of the island’s hospitals are without electricity and are running on diesel generators. It goes without being said, this is a horrendous, heartbreaking situation for anyone and everyone who is affected, and that this is a medical crisis as much as it is humanitarian. When you start to think about all of those who were in the middle of life-saving treatments before Hurricane Maria, and those who are currently in those hospitals, the hopelessness is overwhelming.

That's why it's no surprise that messages of gratitude and admiration for Pitbull poured in by the thousands when Puerto Rican Congresswoman Jenniffer Gonzalez tweeted that Pitbull would be sending his private jet so that cancer patients could be flown back to the US for chemo. As soon as you read through the comments, it's clear to see: Pitbull has a new, loyal friend in the cancer community.



There are hundreds more comments where that came from, including some very powerful ones on our Facebook post:

Thank you, Pitbull. On behalf of all cancer survivors and fighters, THANK YOU.

For all of those in the cancer community who are in Puerto Rico, Mexico, Texas and Florida and all over the world who have been affected by a natural disaster, our thoughts and prayers are with you. We wish that there was more that we can do to provide you with support during this time and we hope there are others who follow Pitbulls lead. Keep your head up, and your heart strong.