Massive Shout Out to Mums Everywhere

We want to wish a Happy Mother's Day to all the mums loving and supporting their children with cancer all around the country. It is no easy job, and we know just how often you hide your own pain for the benefit of us kids - even though you are so good at hiding it. Thank you for all you do!

Keep reading for a few special shout outs from some You Can Champs to their loving mums.

Jess, Ocular Melanoma Patient

My mum is a real life Wonder Woman, she kept the world spinning when everything felt like it was imploding on me. My mum is a single parent and I am the eldest of her four high energy kids. When I was diagnosed with stage 4 Melanoma I went from being an independent, fit, fun loving university student who loved to cook and tried to help my mum around the house, to being hospital-bound for a month followed by needing full time care.

The day I had my seizure, the one that alerted my medical team to the tumours on my brain, I was lucky enough to have my mum working from home! She was there holding my hand as I slipped into an unconscious state that neither of us thought I would come out of. She remained calm and called the ambulance, moments later I was being taken to the hospital. She held my hand as we were given the news that the cancer was back and that I was about to start the biggest fight for my life.

My mum owns her own business, she had to continue working while I was being treated and recovering from surgery. I never saw the strain she was taking and every day she would come and visit me, bringing me treats, watch movies with me or just be there for those massive mumma bear cuddles. She also managed to keep the household running and meet the needs of my younger siblings. I don't know when she had time to catch her breath let alone fit in sleep but she did.

When I moved back home I was still wheelchair bound, I was terrified of having another seizure and I needed help with simple tasks like showering and getting to the bathroom. She never made me feel like a burden and for that I am beyond grateful . My mum is the strongest and most selfless woman I know. Thank you for making the hardest days of my life a million times easier! I know it was hard on you, I know you were exhausted but never once did you complain, you just kept moving forward. I love you.

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Nikhil, Acute Myeloid Leukemia Patient

Since I was diagnosed 6 years ago, my mother has slept on a too-small fold-out sofa for over 200 days. She's catered for my every need (including running out for McDonalds at 2am in the middle of the City on a few occasions, and cooking me food on a portable stove in the parking lot of my hospital). She's put her career and MBA on hold and managed to keep the family happy and together. Somehow, she's done this all at once.

In that time, I've fought with her, annoyed, cursed her and even held her by the hair, while I was hallucinating due to medications, and asked her to kill me at one point... but she STILL somehow manages to not only forgive me, but smile and love me regardless.

This lady is why I'm still alive. She's a true testament of the most pure, everlasting version of love - that of a mother to her child. This was a picture of me with her at my 21st - a day I thought I'd never see when I was told I had a 10% chance of survival a few years ago. I love her from the bottom of my heart and will always try to be a good son to her. It's sure as hell, I need to try even harder.

She turns 50 this year. I still need her help. And though that makes me hate myself sometimes, I know that she'll always be there for me. No matter. what. Every mum in the world would do the same for their children...and even if they're completely fine... every mother still makes sacrifices for them.

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Anastasia, Rhabdomyosarcoma Caregiver

My mother played a big role in my sister Chrisy's cancer journey from the very start. She was by her side every night whether at home or in hospital, in the good times and in the bad times. Mum was and is always the one who would encourage us to keep strong and to keep God in our hearts always. Chrisy and I both really admired how she would always tell us to pray and everything would be alright.

Her love for us was beyond anything, she would not sleep until Chrisy was asleep and in a comfortable, pain-free state. Mum was always there for both of us and would always put us before herself. She is so selfless. I quote from Chrisy "You are our rock, our inspiration and truly God's gift on earth to us". We both always wished we could be half the mother she is.

I wanted to wish our dearest, mother a very happy Mother's Day! Chrisy and I love you heaps.

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