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I Had Cancer Guidelines

We're all here for similar reasons - we've been touched by cancer in some way. It’s up to all of us to show each other that no one is alone. Your IHadCancer profile is your own place to call home during this crazy thing called cancer, we just ask that you keep these simple guidelines in mind when participating.

1. Always Be Nice. This is a place for connections and conversations – we encourage you all to talk openly but please remain considerate in all of your engagement. Don’t post obscene, hateful or objectionable content. Abuse and disrespect will not be tolerated in the IHC community and is subject to deletion and user removal at our discretion.

2. Be a Good Friend. The IHC community is a family. Please remember to be a good friend to the connections you make on IHC. Ask questions that you wish someone would ask you; if you can’t find the right words to say, send a hug, it can speak louder than words. A simple gesture goes a long way.

3. Don't Spam. This includes sending unsolicited messages of any nature, posting links to unrelated content, promoting a survey, fundraiser or product where it shouldn’t be promoted. If you aren’t sure if something is appropriate to post, e-mail us and we’ll let you know.

4. Think Before You Post. Everything you post on IHadCancer is secure, but it is up to you to monitor how much or how little information you are sharing about yourself and your experience. Please don’t share personal or identifiable information like your mailing address or your full name and don’t share other member’s information.

5. If You See Something, Say Something. We work hard to make sure these guidelines are followed closely but if you see something that doesn’t’ feel right to you, please let us know. We review every report we receive and will take anything you say to heart. We promise.

6. Be Open. Welcome newcomers and help guide them through this journey based on your own experience. Whether you are a survivor, fighter, caregiver or supporter, you have valuable information that can very well help someone else who is just beginning the cancer journey. Be open to sharing experiences and give someone else the gift of your time.

Thanks for being a part of our community. It’s up to all of us to ensure that IHadCancer remains a place for us all to call home when dealing with the ups and downs of a cancer diagnosis.

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Topic: Surveys & Outreach Requests

I have a very dear friend trying to spread some joy. I am asking for any that feels inspired or wishes to spread a little happiness and joy please help? You're small contribution would make such a difference for my friend, her grandmother and familyI thank all off you who contributed since I last posted this. I believe last count was 29 of the goal 79 cards. Still any additional help to spread just a little joy would be greatly appreciated. I'm sharing this because it brings me joy to know how much this will bring joy to Rebecca and her family. Please a picture/card from the kids. A little Easter/birthday surprise. All would help! Come on Facebook let's do this! *Cards for Grandma Marolyn Update* (Address at the bottom) Hi again! So, we got another card in the mail today. That makes the total of what we have thus far, 14 out of our goal of 79. Slowly moving up! Thank you SO much to those that have sent cards and love! We appreciate it!! I know there's people that I'll be meeting up with soon, but we would really appreciate any shares or help that you could give! We're not looking for donations or anything for her, but we just want to make her birthday extra special since chemo has been taking a toll on her. Some of you have asked if it would be okay to make her something, and she would absolutely love that I'm sure. We want to have everything by the 19th, so that way we can take everything to her the week of April 20th. It doesn't matter if you know her, know us, are besties with our family... whatever! We just want to brighten her day and our goal is 79 cards for her 79th birthday! She has Stage 3 Breast Cancer and this is her second time with the disease. She's a really awesome lady and we really want to cheer her up, because she totally deserves it! I'll make any other cards that we need, to get to the 79. But we would love YOUR help. Even if you make a card and can't or don't want to send it, I'll gladly meet with you to pick it up if it's troublesome. We don't want people to epically go out of their way or anything, but would appreciate the help. Feel free to share the status with your friends to invite them to send cards!!! Please Send Cards To: Marolyn Madden C/O Rebecca Russell or Phyllis Gallegos 500 N Bebe Wichita KS 67212