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I Had Cancer Guidelines

We're all here for similar reasons - we've been touched by cancer in some way. It’s up to all of us to show each other that no one is alone. Your IHadCancer profile is your own place to call home during this crazy thing called cancer, we just ask that you keep these simple guidelines in mind when participating.

1. Always Be Nice. This is a place for connections and conversations – we encourage you all to talk openly but please remain considerate in all of your engagement. Don’t post obscene, hateful or objectionable content. Abuse and disrespect will not be tolerated in the IHC community and is subject to deletion and user removal at our discretion.

2. Be a Good Friend. The IHC community is a family. Please remember to be a good friend to the connections you make on IHC. Ask questions that you wish someone would ask you; if you can’t find the right words to say, send a hug, it can speak louder than words. A simple gesture goes a long way.

3. Don't Spam. This includes sending unsolicited messages of any nature, posting links to unrelated content, promoting a survey, fundraiser or product where it shouldn’t be promoted. If you aren’t sure if something is appropriate to post, e-mail us and we’ll let you know.

4. Think Before You Post. Everything you post on IHadCancer is secure, but it is up to you to monitor how much or how little information you are sharing about yourself and your experience. Please don’t share personal or identifiable information like your mailing address or your full name and don’t share other member’s information.

5. If You See Something, Say Something. We work hard to make sure these guidelines are followed closely but if you see something that doesn’t’ feel right to you, please let us know. We review every report we receive and will take anything you say to heart. We promise.

6. Be Open. Welcome newcomers and help guide them through this journey based on your own experience. Whether you are a survivor, fighter, caregiver or supporter, you have valuable information that can very well help someone else who is just beginning the cancer journey. Be open to sharing experiences and give someone else the gift of your time.

Thanks for being a part of our community. It’s up to all of us to ensure that IHadCancer remains a place for us all to call home when dealing with the ups and downs of a cancer diagnosis.

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Topic: Recently Diagnosed

Hi.im 21. 4 months ago I visit my gynakologist for a typical test . She found a cyst that wasn't so big but she told me that I need to take contraceptive pills for two months and then come again to check it! After two months when I visit her again we found that the cyst has grown bigger ! It's endometriosis the doctor said and u need to remove it because it is too big ! I wasn't happy with the results and then I decided to go to my cousin to do the surgery because he was a gynakologist too! When he checked me he told me that maybe it's nothing and its a different type of cyst that will not make my life difficult because endometriosis is thought as a little trouble for a woman's life! I did the surgery and the first thing I heard when I woke up was that it's not endometriosis and everyone was so happy !i thought I was so lucky and that my life with be completely normal and healthy in the future! I start recovering and I had forgot that in one month from the surgery the histological of the cyst will have its results !me and the doctors were sure that will show that the cyst was nothing ! One afternoon my mom called me at her room and told my that I hane something quite rare especially for my age!i had something that it's called borderline and it's not extactly cancer and the doctors need to discuss what will happen next! I start crying And I thought I was living a bad dream ! One week later and after seeing some doctors I did a surgery again. They remove my one ovary and an other organ that covers up the entrails . I'm waiting for the biopsy of my other organs to see if everything is fine and what will happen to me next! I don't know what I really have I'm so comfused is it a cancer or not ? I'm afraid of everything.