Dear Cancer
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Cancer sucks! Here's what cancer fighters, cancer survivors and supporters have to say to cancer.

Dear Cancer, Thank you. You have now made two attempts on my life in the last three years. You have pushed me to my breaking point more times than I can count. You have taken away my ability to have children the traditional way. You have taken my ability to play catch with the child I will one day have through modern methods. You ruined my wedding and made me marry the love of my life in a hospital room while undergoing chemotherapy. You have left my body frail and weak. You have forced me to abandon my entire immune system for someone else’s. You have demanded that I spend more time in hospitals than any 32 year old ever should and you have done all of this in your attempt to take from me the very definition of my existence, My Spirit. The reason I say thank you is because all you have succeeded in, with your feeble attempts on my life, is making my Spirit stronger. I am now an unwavering powerhouse of life that you can’t even begin to comprehend. I will not be broken. You have made a mistake in choosing me as your enemy. It is now my mission in life to defeat you. Not just in our personal battles but I intend to expose you and reveal your weakness to the world. You have hid in the shadows striking at humanity for too long. You will now have to deal with the repercussions of awakening a new kind of enemy. One who understands that simply with awareness we humans get to strike first and one who intends on bringing that awareness to the world. Be warned cancer, I am coming for you!


You're an asshole.