Dear Cancer
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Cancer sucks! Here's what cancer fighters, cancer survivors and supporters have to say to cancer.

You are my BITCH!


Dear Cancer: I'm not angry with you but our separation has reminded me what an impact you made on my soul. I grew complacent with life... forgetting about everyday adventures and taking life for granted. I was happy in my own little world. Then you came for a visit and everything changed... for the better! Did I cherish the loss of my beloved breasts? No, but you showed me how to love myself as I am and my confidence soared as never before! I'm covered in scars (11 if we want to be technical) yet I've never felt more beautiful. Did I love the chemicals coursing (still) through my body? No, but I learned I looked absolutely amazing with no hair! Who knew I have such a perfectly shaped head? Oh, and the loss of eyelashes were tempered with not shaving or waxing so we're good there. You could have warned me the steroids would make me fat though. That was weird. Did I love the constant vomiting? Nope, but though you stole every ounce of energy I had I still had kids to raise. I still worked. I still had a life. I found determination and used it to go camping, paint balling, and date. You've been gone for almost a year and though I'm not sorry I want to say thank you. Thank you for reminding how to be amazing. Thank you for reminding me how to be an example to my children. Thank you for reminding me even the littlest adventures count. Thank you for reminding me I'm a fighter. And most of all... thank you for reminding me to live. As always, Lisa


My God is bigger than you!