Dear Cancer
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Cancer sucks! Here's what cancer fighters, cancer survivors and supporters have to say to cancer.



DEAR CANCER,I am a survivor twice. I was diagnosed with a brain tumor September 1998. To follow an 11 1/2 hour surgery. I had a tumor right frontal lobe. Most removed, a short hospital stay. Diagnosed Lymphoma, Harborview in Seattle. Returned home for radiation and Chemotherapy. Quite aggressive treatments. Have been cancer free for 17years. A loving and supportive husband got me through that first year of recovery. Lots of support from sisters and brothers. Many prayers sent my way. I did have faith that I could get through this and be stronger. I had been cancer free for 17 years until a mammogram this year found I had cancer in both breats and some soft tissue. Here we go again with chemotherapy. I felt I was home free after so long a time. I have gotten excellent treatment and support from family and friends once again. My oncologist is a saint. Could not have faced this without her treatment and friendship and follow up every single year since the first diagnosis. I am now in remission. Have been told this is not curable but will be able to keep me in remission. I don't want to scare my survivor friends. But I do want to say that no matter what your story is or what cancer you have fought, you must continue to have a mammogram every year forever. That one test has saved my life. I know I will beat this thing awful turn of events in my life. Keep fighting and never give up!!! A survivor and a fighter.