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Why Join I Had Cancer? Hear from some of our members:

The goal of this site is to prevent or undo the feeling of isolation that is often experienced by those who have been touched by cancer.

I Had Cancer is not only a place where you can share and read stories, but also a place to inspire, become inspired and connect with others. It is a place that provides you with enough information and resources to move forward. Most importantly it’s a place where you won’t feel alone.

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"I was already a survivor, but cancer still stuck with me. It was an emotional thing that just was not going away and finding I Had Cancer saved me emotionally."

Lean, Cervical Cancer Survivor

"I live in a small town with no support group and my family is 800 miles away. This site has provided me with a wonderful support group of men like me who have or had cancer and can tell me what to expect. The unknown is the hardest part of facing any problem and this site has helped me so much."

Danny, Prostate Cancer Survivor

"When you have cancer, it’s very difficult to explain what you’re going through to other people. What’s great about I Had Cancer is that it gives people an opportunity to immediately connect with the kind of people who can not only give them guidance but provide some sort of hope and let them know they're not alone."

Michael, Non-Hodgkin's Lymphoma Survivor

"IHadCancer.com allows you to journal and also allows you to connect with others who are going through the same fight, allowing you to give back. I feel like giving back is its own healing."

Kareemah, Soft Tissue Sarcoma Survivor

"When I got the diagnosis, I went to the internet and tried to find a community of people who went through, and more importantly, survived what I was going through. I found IHadCancer.com and I thought - Oh my god, this is great. "

"I noticed that the site was global, so I figured, if someone in my state wasn't necessarily the right person, perhaps someone around the world would be able to help me—or I would be able to help them."

David, Thyroid Cancer Survivor

"While all of our cancer experiences are unique, we are part of this community. Some days you need information and some days you just need to know you’re not alone. It can help you make better sense of your life and your experience and it’s critical to the healing process. And that’s why I think I Had Cancer is a phenomenal place for people—because the biggest thing is not feeling like you’re alone when you’re facing something like this."

Tricia, Cervical Cancer Survivor