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Weekly Update 5/8/17
May 8th, 2017

Hi everyone! We hope you're all enjoying the weeks leading into your summers! Below is some of the latest news on IHadCancer- You can view the content by clicking directly on the text.

6 Things You Need to Know About Stress and Cancer

We asked and you told us. There are so many factors that contribute to a cancer diagnosis, but an overwhelming amount of people in our community agree: stress has contributed to their diagnoses. Click to read more about the recent survey we conducted.

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Treatment Setbacks Are Scary, But They Don't Define My Fight

I Felt Pressure To Celebrate Being Alive After Cancer But It’s Not That Simple

Social Media Got Me Through Treatment And Into Post-Cancer Life

Recent Dear Cancer Messages

Dear Cancer....You lost! I refuse to sink!

You know Cancer...You have really been something else! We go up and down no matter if you are around anymore or not. I hate what you have left me with! You've been a bad taste in my mouth since i met you. It seems like i try to cheer everyone up when you come around. Even though i know there is nothing about you that makes anyone smile,...You drain good and bad energy...but worst of all the greedy stand by you...little do they know your lil friends insurance have just showed the greed on earth u help cause. OH I HATE U...with every tear that rolls from my eye is how much I want you FOREVER out my LIFE!

Recent Facebook Posts

"What does "remission" mean to you?"Read more here.

"It's definitely always in the back of your mind and I’m wondering if I am ever going to feel normal again." ‪‬Read more here.

Recent Discussions

I have a question, I am a stage 3A breast cancer survivor. I googled emphysema as I was told I now have the start of it & no I was never a smoker. I was on & it says it can be a side effect from having chemo, radiation & on hormone pills. I was wonder if any of you have it, or have heard of any one having it.

Anyone else on Tamoxifen feel like it's chemo all over again?

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