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March 6th, 2017

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Recent Dear Cancer Messages

Dear Cancer, You made me part of an elite clube I never wanted to be apart of. You put me through a year of absolute hell and for awhile put through the ringer by adding on depression and anxiety. Like, why the hell do you even exist?! As much as I absolutely hate you- you did teach me about what life is really all about and how to learn to appreciate everything life has to offer. You will never be allowed in the drivers seat of my life again- i am in control now as I work hard to become the "new" me.

Dear Cancer. I am in control of my body now so it is time for you to leave. Thanks for the way you have changed my life for the better. Thank you for making me slow down to smell the roses. I'm enjoying this new connection I have with my loved ones. Your job is done, and I am ready to live!

Recent Facebook Posts

"The strongest among us take their weakest moments and make them turning points. Hats off to you and congratulations on this most wonderful #canverversary!
From @michellev3 - "March 1st is a day I will never forget. On March 1st 2013 I was diagnosed with Hodgkin's lymphoma. Today, March 1st 2017, I started my first day has an Oncology Nurse. Life works in mysterious ways. When I was 21 I didn't know what I was meant to do in life what was my calling....After being in and out of the hospital I knew I wanted to pursue a nursing career. As an oncology nurse I wanna make a difference in my patients lives I wanna inspire people. I hope my story can make a change in someone life even if it's the smallest change I'll be happy.This is my calling. To the nurses who took care of me thank you for inspiring me."‪‬Read more here.

" "If there's going to be change within the legislative structure and the research numbers into this disease," Champagne emphatically said, "it's going to come from the voice of a generation of young women that are outraged that this was never looked into, and therefore they were condemned to die." -- Champagne Joy
The glitter you saw on the models was there to catch your eye, but it was the bodies beneath it that need your help now that you know their realities -- and all of the other lives that could be saved by pushing for greater accessibility to cancer-fighting drugs.
AnaOno x Cancerland at #NYFW2017!"
‪‬Read more here.

Recent Discussions

Has anyone experienced late effects for Cisplatin and Pemetrexen?

Does anyone else feel like companies just use cancer as a way to play on emotions to sell their product? And, I'm not talking about during October. Like, I just saw an ad fora coffee creamer showing a woman who removes her wig as she prepares to go back to work, and the tagline is about courage. Yes, we've all been there- going out in public bald, returning to work, or returning to some semblance of a normal life. This ad, though, didn't leave me thinking about how I've been in that situation; rather, it left me feel upset, like how dare this company take something so personal just to sell their coffee creamer.

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