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Weekly Update 1/30/2017
January 30th, 2017

Hi everyone!

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Our Inspirational Totes are back in stock by popular demand! These 100% Cotton bags measure 15-1/2"w x 15"h and are perfect to carry your groceries, necessary treatment day essentials or just to use every day! While supplies last we will add one of our favorite activity books, "The Book Of Doing" by Alison Arden with every tote purchase. Please note we ship to US & Canada only! Click here to view in our store.

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Recent Dear Cancer Messages

Dear Cancer, 44 years ago you thought you'd kill me, but you lost. HA! All you did was make me stronger. You'll probably try again, but it's no use. You will lose again. You suck.

Dear Cancer, Fuck you for not letting me sleep at night wondering if you're still in there somewhere.

Recent Facebook Posts

"Help us in sending Danielle, and anyone feeling this way, some love today!

"I dream for a healthy life. Maybe just maybe one day I'll be okay even though I say it everyday. Today is not okay. I need a nap. A long one. Toradol is kicking in soon. Goin for CT SCAn asap.
Massive abdominal pain and back Dr is concerned she thinks it's a number of things I won't discuss right now. I tried so hard to make it to Zwanger but w my back now it's pretty extreme. Dr orders to come here. A person can only handle some much...In my next life I will be healthy." - Danielle, thyroid cancer ass-kicker"
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Recent Discussions

Does anyone else get worn out of being heavily impacted by cancer?

Is anyone else feeling the survivor's guilt?

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