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Weekly Roundup 10/17/2016
October 17th, 2016

Hi everyone!

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Note: It doesn't matter how well-known or how many views the blog has - we are accepting nominations of all shapes and sizes!

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Recent Dear Cancer Messages

Dear Cancer even though you have taken so much from me and continue to do so you will never make me give up. I have beaten you and even though I still have to have test every six months and what you did to my self image and the extra care I have to take to keep you away. Remember I am more powerful than you!!!!! Through theses past few years I have battled you in different organs at different times I will keep battling and winning. There's a reason that I am still here. Some purpose I have no idea what but whatever it mat be you CAN'T destroy me completely!

Dear Cancer, You are an abusive person who just won't go away. Even though we have not been together for a couple years, you still make you sure that I never forget that we met!

Recent Facebook Posts

"Christine Joy "Chrissy" Amphlett was an iconic Australian singer, songwriter and actress who was the frontwoman of the Australian rock band Divinyls, with hits that included "The good die young." She left this earth three years ago, just 53 years old, from breast cancer and complications from multiple sclerosis.
Chrissy's dying wish was that her song "I touch myself" become an anthem for breast cancer awareness. This powerful cover shows how connected we all are through this disease and how we can pass her message on. IHC in Australia, this is especially for you "
‪‬Read more here.

"On #WorldMentalHealthDay, we are reminded that everyone has something that they may be silently struggling with. The battle within us is very real and we can talk about it. #mentalillnessisreal" ‪‬ Read more here.

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