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Weekly roundup 9/27/2016
September 27th, 2016

Hi everyone!

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We're capping off Childhood Cancer Awareness Month with a limited inventory of our inspirational kid's t-shirts available in our store! With every order, we’ll throw in a “You would be my hero” Post-it note as additional inspiration. Our #IHCfamily is all about making sure everyone’s story is heard- including those of kids. :)Click here for our store! We currently do not ship internationally.

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Recent Dear Cancer Messages

Dear Cancer, Terry... (the tumour). Please allow me the presence of mind to listen to what the doctors tell me and take appropriate action before I find myself in pain again... And to ask the right questions, when the docs don't come up with the 100% truth.... their pain, not mine.

Dear Cancer, I am proud to say that to me you were just a candle and I hosed you down with a fire hose-no chance. And I wish I could hose you and put your fire out in every member here, in fact every person in the world that has to deal with you.

Recent Facebook Posts

"'Whenever we have needed to get down to the serious business of life, we have always preferred to retreat to our bed: our war room, cocoon, escape hatch and, at times, dining room. But in the weeks after I learned that the breast cancer I have been in treatment for over the past year had spread to my bones — breaking my spine and becoming incurable and most likely fatal — finding the perfect living-room couch has begun to feel like the most important thing I’ve ever done.'
Great read for #MetsMonday!"
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"'The C word is something you can invoke to kill the mood at a party. It’s a word that can choke out conversation and turn a recently diagnosed person into someone to pity or be avoided. “Cancer” has come to be synonymous with death and suffering. But there are more and more cancer peeps who think that this ‘unspoken rule’ is bull-crap, and should be broken. I think so too.'
Proudly sharing for #NationalComicBookDay!"
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-The IHC Team


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