Pet Appreciation Gift Guide

Your furry, fuzzy, scaly, or any other type of animal friend can be an amazing companion during cancer treatment. Whenever you feel alone, your pets always seem to feel it and give you the comfort you need. Why not pamper your buddy a little this month and do a bit of fun gift shopping? Here are some fun gifts we collected that are sure to make both you and your pet happy.


Treats are a great gift for any pet, so we searched high and low for organic treats to keep your pet healthy as well as happy.


These freeze-dried chicken treats are perfect for any dog or cat, and they also can be used as a topper for other wet/dry food. These jerky strips made from real beef are another great dog treat.

If your cat enjoys chicken, this turkey/chicken mixed treat will be perfect for them. If your cat prefers fish, these salmon soft treats will be a good alternative.

If you have a hamster, guinea pig, bunny, or another similar small animal, these carrot nibbling treats are sure to be a hit! 

Beds & Decor

Looking for a new bed for your dog or cat? Look no further! This washable dog bed looks stylish and is perfect for a dog that is both inside or outside of a crate. This self-warming bed is perfect for wintry weather and can be used by either a dog or a cat. If you have an aquarium full of scaly friends, why not get a new reef for your pets?

Toys & Outfits

Toys are always a great gift for a pet, but you might be looking for a quieter toy for your friend while you are resting throughout the day. This rope set for small to medium-sized dogs is a non-squeaking toy that can keep your dog entertained for hours. It even comes in a set of four so if one wears out you can simply pull out another. This beaver squeaking toy has an ultrasonic squeaker so your dog will have fun squeaking away but you won't be able to hear a thing! And this waterproof/windproof dog vest will help keep your pup warm during these chilly winter walks.

This affordable pack of toy mice that have catnip inside will excite any cat, and they make no noise as they have no bells inside. And if you want a hilarious pet costume (that is probably more fun for you than the cat!) you can check out this cowboy cat costume!

If you have live mice, guinea pigs, rats, hamsters, or other small furry animals, you can purchase this natural wooden tunnel tube toy to put in their enclosure. It is sure to bring them lots of fun with all the entrances and exits for them to pop in and out of.


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