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Too Young to Die | Cancer Poem

March 20th, 2019 |

by Mandy-52513 | Survivor: Breast Cancer    Connect

I was 46 when the bottom fell out of my world. I was 46 when I watched my husband and 2 children shatter in front of me. I was 46 when I saw my dad cry in front of me for the very first time. Now I’m 47 and right now I’m cancer free.

Too Young to Die 


The words that they say ring in my ears.

They tell me it’s cancer, confirm my worst fears.

My whole world caves in, the words cut me in two.

I prayed it wasn’t that, but my broken heart knew

I’ve caught it quite early, that’s good news, right?

But it’s aggressive, grade 3. Buckle in for the fight.

It’s spread to my nodes, that’s bad news, I’m so scared.

He’s holding my hand, innermost fears now bared. 

The first step is chemo, I’m terrified more.

Surgery next, my heart drops to the floor. 

Radiotherapy too, it’s a long hard road.

But first, before anything, my kids must be told.

The tears that they cry, etched into my soul.

Holding them close as their world unfolds.

The moment they know I will never forget.

Hearts shattered in pieces, young lives now full of dread.

I’m scared in a way, I can never explain.

Terror, now part of me, runs through my veins.

What lies ahead? I have no clue.

Can I get through this? I have to, for you.

I will try to be brave, hold my bald head high.

I have to get through this, I’m too young to die.


Photo courtesy of author.

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Mandy-52513's picture

Mandy is a mom of two teenagers and was diagnosed with breast cancer at 46 in January 2017. Today, she is cancer free, and has turned her attention to raising awareness.