I Asked My Friend If Your Mindset Can Cure Cancer, This Was His Response

Most cancer patients on their way to healing come across the question of whether it would be possible without chemotherapy or radiation.

Can your mindset cure cancer?

My friend Kremo had tried to answer this question.

Kremo paints.

Kremo has heard a lot about athletes visualizing their goals. By visualizing, the athlete is painting an exact picture of his goal in his mind.

It is even better to put these thoughts on paper and draw a true picture of the target. There are no limits to this "painting." The important thing is that in the end, the goal is clear.

Those athletes who use visualization are more successful than those who do not.

Kremo has often noticed that skiers make such strange movements during their warming up phase. Now Kremo understands why. These "head bangers" drive through the whole race in their minds. They visualize the race in their heads.

Kremo has also found that many other athletes not only warm up physically before the game (eg footballers), but also "warm up" mentally. They will imagine themselves scoring a goal or imagine the crowd cheering them on. They are programming their subconscious mind to be "successful".

Visualization and cancer.

So far so good. Kremo knew about sports and visualization. How can Kremo as a cancer patient now use this against his cancer? He was kept busy for many days thinking of different ways to go about this. 

"If I imagine a life without cancer, am I lying to myself? I've got cancer!"

Kremo couldn’t seem to see past this giant roadblock.

Nevertheless, the topic of "healing cancer with your mind" has left him no peace.

"What if I imagine a life after cancer?

A life in which I have defeated cancer!

A life in which I am free of cancer again!"

Motivated by these thoughts, Kremo started to imagine his life after cancer. He painted pictures in his mind about what he would be doing after treatments. Kremo imagined these pictures with the brightest colors. These pictures burned themselves into his mind!

Can your mindset cure cancer?

Let Kremo paint his pictures even further.

The question "Can the head cure cancer?" can not be answered in my opinion. Especially not without any studies that examine and investigate the possibility of this type of therapy in more detail.

This means that no one is advised to give up his or her chemotherapy or radiation!

Nevertheless, it is an interesting approach. Kremo and I are convinced that no goal can be achieved without a clear picture. This fits perfectly with the saying of the Chinese philosopher Lao Tzu:

Only those who know their destination, find the way!

In my journey since cancer therapy, I've met some people who are not supposed to live anymore. People who have received the diagnosis that their cancer is incurable. But they are still alive!

These people all have something in common. They all have made it their goal to stay alive!

The stories of these people should be enough, just think about it!

Remember: "Only those who know their destination will find their way!"

If you can not imagine a life without cancer, you will not be able to beat cancer.

Header image courtesy of Unsplash

Body image courtesy of author.