10 Great Father’s Day Gift Ideas for Dads Fighting Cancer

Father’s Day is a great chance for you to show your cancer-fighting dad how much you appreciate everything he has done for you. A thoughtful gift or a fun day with your dad can truly show him how much you love him. Here are 10 gift ideas to get dad this Father's Day!

1. One-On-One Time 

One-On-One time is one of the best gifts a family member could give to a father. Devote an entire day to your dad and just be present with him. If he needs something to be done around the house, volunteer to do it for him. If your dad is fighting cancer, but has enough energy to do something he enjoys, make it happen! Just spending time around him and letting him know that you are there will make him feel supported this Father’s Day. 

2. Prime Video + Earbuds  

If your dad loves to watch movies, you should gift him an Amazon Prime Membership. Not only will he be able to take advantage of the 2 day shipping that's included, but other Prime benefits include food delivery services as well as movies and TV shows to watch. A pair of earbuds with wooden backs would also be a unique gift. 

3. Create Your Own Chemo Pack

If your dad is about to start chemotherapy or treatment, it would be nice for him to have a comfort package coming from you full of the things he could use. A few good ideas are Intensive Moisturizing Lotions for dry skin, ginger candies to ward off nausea, a soft-bristle 360 sensitive-gums toothbrush, and a chemo shirt with easy port access zippers. 

4. Dammit-Doll 

The Dammit Doll is an adult stress relief toy that is definitely going to make your dad laugh. It is a durable doll that comes in many different colors, and is embroidered with a hilarious poem. When your father needs to destress, this doll can take some whacks while still not damaging the object (like a desk!) that it is being whacked on. But by that point, your dad will be laughing too hard from just looking at the doll to be stressed. A perfect gift!

5. Starting at The Finish Line: My Cancer Partner, Perspective and Preparation 

Starting At The Finish Line is a book about Matt’s journey through cancer with his father-in-law. Matt was diagnosed with Brain Cancer at 39 years old, and his father-in-law had been diagnosed with pancreatic cancer three years earlier. The two of them formed a special bond and Matt’s father-in-law constantly supported him throughout his treatment. Your father will definitely enjoy this inspirational tale of family, love, and strength. 

6. Foot Massager With Heat 

Chemo treatments can cause neuropathy and pain in the feet. This foot massager can help alleviate some of those symptoms. It has a hand controller for easy massage switches and adjustments, and it has two different massage direction settings to provide the best massage according to need. If your father also suffers from back pain, the plush cover can be removed and the foot massager will transform into a back massager. The plush cover is also washable so the machine will always be clean. 

7. Hi Hungry I’m Dad T-Shirt & Rad Dad 

This Hi Hungry I’m Dad infamous joke T-shirt is sure to bring some laughs this Father’s Day! It comes in many different sizes and colors for the perfect fit. If you would like another cool dad T-Shirt, check out the Rad Dad shirt! The Rad Dad T-shirt also is created by Michigan illustrators and printers and is made with 90% cotton grown by US farmers. 

8. Timex Customizable Watch

Watches that have engravings are always a sweet gift, but Timex took things a step further. You can engrave the back of the watch and customize the watch from top to bottom, colors, bands, faces, everything can be customized. Your father will always remember you when he checks his one-of-a-kind watch. When you are away, those small encouragements can really encourage your dad. 

9. Wood Wall Plaque 

This wooden plaque is a beautiful reminder of how much you truly appreciate your dad and everything he has done for you. It is a light wooden plaque that can be hung on the wall in any room, but it is still wood and won’t break easily. It would be the perfect gift for a dad who loves rustic cabin-style home decor. 

10. Kindle PaperwhiteKindle Unlimited

If your dad is a reader, a Kindle Paperwhite would be a perfect gift. This Kindle will hold thousands of books, and a single battery charge will last for weeks. A subscription to Kindle Unlimited will give your dad free access to thousands of books.

We are sending love and strength to every father fighting cancer this Father’s Day, and to the families who are right there by their sides, together, you can do this. 

What are some other great gift ideas for dads fighting cancer? Share in the comments below. 

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