6 Steps to Natural Brows for Cancer Fighters

Hair loss can be devastating and it is an unfortunate side effect of most chemotherapy cocktails. Luckily, there are wigs, head scarfs, and hats if you don’t feel comfortable rocking your bald head. Losing your eyebrows on the other hand can be a bit more challenging. I felt like I looked like ET — bald and brow-less.

Don’t despair though, there are tons of wonderful products that can be used to create natural looking brows, even when you only have a few lonely brow hairs left. Due to sparse brows and over plucking as a teen, I have been filling in my brows for years and I have learned a lot along the way. When I went through chemo and lost most of my brow hairs, I was able to use all the tips and tricks I had learned along the way to make my brows looks extremely natural. Having my brows filled in balanced my face and helped me fell empowered to rock my bald head with confidence.

It is believed that next to teeth, eyebrows are the most important feature on your face. Beyond serving the purpose of deflecting sweat and debris from your eyes, the brows are also our main method of nonverbally communication and serve to express our emotions. Having well shaped brows can define your face and highlight your features even when you are hairless and feel like crap.

The key to shaping and defining your brow successful is having the right products and understanding the proportions of your face.

Having a stellar product makes the process so much easier. I have used almost every brow product under the sun and I still come back to the Anastasia Brow Wiz Pencil time and time again. The color options are phenomenal and the pigment and blendability are unmatched. The NYX Microbrow pencil is a close runner up (and half the price), but it just doesn’t have the same color payoff and thus takes a lot more strokes to complete the same effect. You should look for a pencil that looks natural on your skin tone – not too dark and not too light.

Click the image below to enlarge:

eyebrow tips
The second key to successfully shaping and defining your brows is to determine the right brow shape for your face.

Brow trends are ever changing and we have seen everything from pencil thin to caterpillar thick. There are some proportional guidelines to follow, as noted below and explained in the full video, but ultimately it comes down to personal preference. You have to try multiple styles in order to determine what you like best. Some like a pointy arch, while some like a rounded arch. Some like a square front, while others like a more rounded style. These details are completely up to your discretion. I demonstrate the process for determining the correct size/proportions in the video tutorial below.

The last point that I will make is that in order to make your brows appear natural you must master blending.

No matter what shape you decide on or what products you use, blending is key. By blending the product into your hairs (no matter how few) your whole look will be more realistic. The more you can fake the look of hair strokes the better. This ensures you don't end up looking like you used a Sharpie to draw on your brows. The goal is smooth, groomed and natural looking brows like my example below (1 month post chemo).

Now that I have given you the lowdown on what I think are the most important aspects of brow creation, check out the full tutorial I filmed for you all and give it a try. Try multiple products and experiments with the shape until you find a style that fits your face and personality. Good luck my fellow brow lovers

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