How Do I Accept My Anxiety Instead of Fighting it?

One of the best things you can do when you're experiencing feelings of anxiety is to take a step back and not fight it. Facing anxiety and cancer at the same time can be overwhelming, but these coping techniques can help. Read more below.

I can say that I know anxiety all too well because I was diagnosed with Breast Cancer at 25- at which point anxiety became a frontrunner of my life. Nevertheless, I’ve broken down my personal approach to this crippling feeling below:

1. Understand what to lookout for.

Throughout my life I had a minimal amount of knowledge of anxiety and all its repercussions. I honestly thought that this anxious way of being was just another layer of my adorable personality. You should have been there when that bubble got busted! Had I known that thinking of what could go wrong all the time was preventing me from living in that moment, I could have created more good days than anxious ones. (My apologies to my younger self.) Understanding what to lookout for will help you see just how much it is impacting your life.

2. Don't be so scared as you become aware.

It’s not easy learning about another challenge on top of cancer, especially one like anxiety. Trust me, I know it can feel really, really scary, but nevertheless, taking the time to heal your mind is just as important as healing your body. If your mind is calling for your attention HONEY you need to pick up that DARN call because the ringing will only get louder.

3. Keep an open mind.

Through a lot and I mean A LOT of trial and error, I discovered many of those trials were on how to work through my anxiety. Had I said no to many of the resources that existed or judged everything that I had not yet tried, I would have never gotten to YOU. What didn’t work for me became a very interesting story to tell and what did is another tool to add to my one of a kind “coping with anxiety” toolbox. Dare I ask what's in your toolbox?

4. Work on it over and over again.

Anxiety has been a part of my life for quite some time. I was born premature for Goodness sake! The struggle has been real! It’s been seven years since I was diagnosed and still to this day I work on my anxiety. Proudly, I am in a much better place that I often questioned if I would ever get to. Do you see the cycle? It gets easier with time but like anything else you must put in the work. Some things aren't fair but have you ever met a strong person with an easy past? I know I haven't.

5. Accept the process.

Life will scare the CRAP out of you at some point or another and how you deal with it is something the WORLD needs to work on, not just you. Let that perspective sink in for a second. Accepting anxiety as a part of the way you process things means that you are no longer fighting what feels like a mental warfare. What you are doing is making peace with this part of yourself so that you can start living more and fearing less.

In conclusion, your thoughts are just thoughts that are passing through. Some want to be acknowledged more than others (another reason why social media is such a sensation). As you work on becoming more mindful of your negative thoughts you will remember why you fight so hard to live in this very, very precious life.

I believe in US! Thank you and make today count!

Do you suffer from anxiety? How do you navigate it while dealing with having or having had cancer? Share your experience in the comments below!