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On Loving My Post-Cancer Self, Deeply | Cancer Poem

March 7th, 2017 |

by irenacurcic | Survivor: Breast Cancer    Connect

Throughout the years, I have learned a lot. I have become more confident, self-aware and fearless. I guess I had to go through shit to become self-aware, let go of my fears and appreciate every day.

I put bandage on my heart, smile on my face and pink hat on my head. I have gone through all sorts of therapies, chemotherapy, anti-hormonal therapy, music therapy, as well as buying-a-new-pair-of-shoes therapy. I give, send, and tell. I receive, absorb, and listen. I feel better than ever before. I love, looooove myself and my people (family) deeply, with all my heart. I love every tree in my park as we go through seasons together. I open my compressed life in the morning and become that little girl from Sarajevo and play on a swing.

Overwhelmed by emotions, I start crying when I enter the warm sea that heals me and I tell the story to people who understand me, without reservations, with a joy of a child. I am grateful to the water that heals me. I look forward to every new day and accept the battles before me because they are mine. Finally, I have become myself, imperfect in the perfection of life. This poem is about how I arrived at the state of self-love I currently celebrate.

Smiles are my Botox,
injected in my wrinkles.

Hugs are my fillers,
rejuvenating my cells.

My collagen boost is
early morning kisses.

His eyes are my mirror.

I photoshop my dreams,
And use filters only when
Choosing my friends.

What does your relationship with your body look like?

Photo courtesy of Orville McEachron Photography.

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irenacurcic's picture
I am from Croatia and I am a breast cancer survivor. I love to write a poems, enjoy life and skiing.