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Weekly Update 1/17/2017
January 17th, 2017

Hi everyone!

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Recent Dear Cancer Messages

Dear Cancer, Nov.21.2016 was when I heard the words cancer free for the second time in my life. I'm a young adult in remission embracing a new normal but yet I didn't leave the battlefield behind. It will always be a part of me.

Dear Cancer, Why can't you leave our family alone? I should be celebrating that I beat you, and now I am worried about my Niece who is battling you for the second time. You give me guilt for not having all the weird side effects and being able to get on with my life while she suffers during treatment.

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"Kicking cancer in the Butt. Three years ago I was fighting stage 4 nasopharyngeal carcinoma ( the tumor was the size of an apple). I had 39 radiation treatments (to my head and neck) and up to this point 149hrs of chemo. My partner at the firehouse and my son set out to help me do a 5k. My goal was 1hr. We crossed the line at 59:13. The next morning I went in for my 2nd to last 96hr chemo treatment. It's not how you fight or how much heart you have while battling Cancer, sometimes it's just okay to say "today I can't do it" or "today my goal is just one foot in front of the other". Take care folks." --Don, Nasopharyngeal Cancer Survivor"
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"By a final vote of 51-48, the Senate approved a budget resolution that sets the stage for broad swaths of the Affordable Care Act to be repealed through a process known as budget reconciliation. The resolution now goes to the House, where leaders are hoping to approve it by the end of the week."
NPR reports in on what the ACA repeal of last night meant for many members of our community. What are your thoughts?"
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Is anyone else feeling the survivor's guilt?

Does anyone else have trouble connecting to other people?

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