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Weekly Roundup 9/19/2016
September 19th, 2016

Hi guys!

We hope everyone is enjoying these next few weeks as we head into the Fall! Below is some of the latest news on IHadCancer- You can view the content mentioned by clicking directly on the text.

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Recent Dear Cancer Messages

Dear cancer, It's time to let you go. Three years of being cancer free, I still let the fear of you get the best of me. Here I am again with fatigue, nausea, joint pain, and fear. If I connect the dots with fear, I imagine you have returned. So here I am...waiting once again for scans to be done so I can re-assure myself.

Dear Cancer, After 5 years I wish you would stop being the dark thought always in the back of my mind. Popping up to try to knock me down.

Recent Facebook Posts

"'Said goodbye to my oncologist this week. Five year triple negative breast cancer survivor.' - Britt #TNBC Survivor #LifeAfterDiagnosis"
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""It was only when having stem cell transfer that my hair fell.out from big dose of chemo before the transfer. What amuses me is that now, 102 days later, I am wearing the most obvious "badge" of cancer, the bald head but I am feeling physically better than I have in years. I still have a long road to go but stamina is returning and I'm learning to balance my life...well, trying at least." - Lisa, Multiple Myeloma Survivor #LifeAfterDiagnosis" ‪‬ Read more here.

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