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Survivor: Testicular Cancer

41 Year Old Male

Rockville, MD

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Testicular Cancer

Stage: II

My PTSD Essay Series

May 4th, 2016

I recently completed a series of essays on PTSD after Cancer, a culmination of nearly two years of writing work! These are long form essays that I put my heart and soul into, trying to heal from PTSD after Cancer, which affected me for many years. I'm happy to say that I'm spiritually cured of this, and haven't had any issues in quite a long time now! The response to these essays, published only on my website for now, has been overwhelmingly positive from the cancer community, and I'm so happy that others have been able to find themselves in these essays, know they're not alone in what they've been feeling, and that there's a way out of this misery.

If you've been suffering from posttraumatic stress after cancer, definitely give these essays a read!