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Survivor: Testicular Cancer

43 Year Old Male

Rockville, MD

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Testicular Cancer

Stage: II

Newest Blog - "Five Years and a Day Since Cancer"

March 17th, 2016

I write at both my personal website, (www.stevepake.com), and am also a blogger at the Testicular Cancer Awareness Foundation. (www.tcafinfo.org), in addition to writing for I Had Cancer, so I'm always in the midst of various writing projects. Everything I've ever written is up at my website, but not all that I write makes it to either TCAF or IHC. So the best place to go is to my website, which is my writing hub.

My latest blog is "Five Years and a Day Since Cancer", which is up at my website, and was also cross-posted to the Testicular Cancer Awareness Foundation.


This is a blog about what it feels like to finally start to feel closure, and that you're mentally moving on from cancer, after a five year long journey. Mentally healing from cancer takes a whole lot longer than the physical healing does. The scars from cancer run very deep. Hope you'll give it a read!