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Poem - Two In Time
February 14th, 2018

Dear Em,


I started this poem a long time ago, When you and I were TWO,

If I said I knew exactly what is was about, I would not be true.

I just know when I wrote it,

I was contemplating life and you.

I know it is about feelings,

and letting life unfold,

and yes I miss you dearly,

and wish you were here for me to hold.

I finished it, and played words round and round,

till I finally think I am pleased, with the rhythmic sound.


A poem that needed rehab...from years ago I found,

One of my babies, I caressed and comforted,

its loose ends I soothed and filed,

and weathered its edges from rough to round.



Searching for an obscure feeling,

The buoy lifted that falls tossed by the sea,

Like a wheel within a wheel,

individuals spinning free.

They might juxtapose

as easily as coincide,

Hypnotically observe,

Or mesmerizingly enjoy the ride.

Some time I take to pause,

Just to sense the breathless awe,

Some time I take to be free,

And feel Joy’s joyful sweet amour.

The embers of conscious life caressed,

Bellows fan to a rich warm flame,

With each new breath I softly breathe,

No two moments are quite the same.




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