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A Drink And A Wish, From The Well
May 19th, 2017

A drink and a wish, from the well……..


Only when you drink from the well of silence
will you surely you find your voice,
for to truly sing,
one must be able to listen,
especially to oneself
as well as filtering through this noise encumbered world,
and attention or quiet mind is needed to untangle the web of voices within.
Only then may the jumble of voices be deciphered and layered
to blend and ring out in harmonious luster,
shining light onto the self and others
wandering in dimly lit passageways
that beckon illumination.
Then may you sing,
allowing your voice to reverberate
love sweet love,
for, when you sing
in tune with the music inside,
you are in harmony with earth and spirit.
So, pause, breathe,
quench your thirst from the well of silence.
You need only to stop and listen,
and sing your song.

And... My Wish

May those who need strength and hope and light,
may angels sing you a symphony of love to surround and uplift you,
cloak you in a blanket of protection,
catch your tears with gentle hand,
and bring you something to smile about

love Neal


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