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September 30th, 2018

Live your Best Life.  However that may be my friends.  I want to update my blog often but it seems like I'm just busy with life.  I go through my day and I think to myself, I should update, I should update, I'm going to update and before I know it, it's been two weeks that has passed.  What I realized in that is, I'm living my life.  I'm living my best life that is.  In between appointments and making appointments, I get to feel normal and live.  

I work third shift as a security guard for Allied Universal.  I really enjoy my job.  At 34 years old, three beautiful girls with a wife in the Navy, this is my first job that I'm getting double digit money as well as a job that has benefits.  Prior to this, I never had a job that offered benefits to me.  I signed up for my 401k and everything.  It feels good, I'm really in the coversation about retirment plans when other people are talking.  I never was able to do that before.  Ideally, third shift isn't my shift of choice but I want to help my family in what we I can.  Being a stay at home dad was rewarding but working on myself is a must now.  

So I'm living my best life.  This job is helping my family out in ways that I never thought would be possible, so I'm taking advantage of that.  I went out and got all of us matching shoes.  Sounds cheesy but we're a unit, we're a team, so when we go out, I want to show that.  We went to downtown Chicago last weekend and had a day filled with sightseeing and adventure.  This photographer was on a scavenger hunt around the city and neede to take a picture of a couple kissing.  So lucky for him my wife and I are very photogenic.  The picture came out great by the way, he also took a beautiful family picture and sent it to me.  

The thing about cancer is that it gives you an awakening on things.  It showed me that you need to live your best life, Now.  Get the job that you enjoy and buy the things that make you happy.  Go out and go out often.  See something that you're not use to seeing as well as do stuff that you're not use to doing.  I know thats kind of the thing that everyone says after battling but are you really doing that?  If not, you should be.  I'm planning on working this trip for me and my wife coming spring of 2019.  I wan to take her to Cancun, Mexico or somewhere exotic but Cancun was my first choice.  I'm not going to play around and wait anymore for things.  I'm stepping up and doing it.  So I leave you with this, I might pop up every now and then but trust me, I want to be more active.  Between sleeping for work and living my best life and trying to see and do new things with my family, it's really hard.  I promise to come back as often as I can.  However, while you're hear posting and loving on everyone getting support from everyone, make sure that you are also "Living your best Life".  

Much Love Family


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