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In a Nutshell
August 9th, 2012

Since my story is pretty lengthy I thought I’d put an overview of all the things I did. Treatment type, reactions and side effects vary by person as no two cancers are alike. What worked for me may not work for someone else but the purpose of sharing my information is to find other commonalities, engage in conversations and provide support. As always consult with your doctor.


In a Nutshell I...

  • Became vegan for three months after being diagnosed. Then vegetarian cutting out dairy and all processed foods.
  • Ate healthy foods, lots and lots of vegetables, fruits and legumes along with fresh juices daily.
    My favorite juice:
    Spinach/kale (any green leafy veggie)
    lemon – add a bit of bite
    green apple
  • Exercised on a regular basis. I envisioned my good cells destroying the bad cancer cells...take that!!
  • Acupuncture and herb therapy for about two months.
  • Had surgery (a Lumpectomy) which also included removing 21 lymph nodes 3 of which were positive.
  • Maintained a positive outlook—ALWAYS. I went on trying to keep life as normal as possible. It made it easier for my family too and kept them from checking up on me constantly.
  • Had support of an unbelievable group of family and friends. This is so important. I know it’s not possible for everyone but try to find people who supports you. Those on this site can help provide that too.
  • Corrected everyone when they said I was sick or that I have cancer to I had cancer and I'm not sick. I didn’t feel sick and I never thought of myself as being sick. I guess I had some kind of goggles on that made me look my normal self. Looking back at some pictures I actually looked a little different but I didn’t see myself as that back then.
  • Read lots of books (The China Study, The Secret, Beating Cancer with Nutrition, etc.) watched videos (Food Matters, The Beautiful Truth, Crazy Sexy Cancer, etc.) and did lots of research online.
  • Took a variety vitamins and supplements that my doctor recommended.
  • Took Escozul— treatment used in Cuba.
  • Went through IPT (Insulin Potentiation Therapy) Sessions.
  • Did a few cleanses.


Four years later... I'm still taking vitamins/supplement, I'm still a vegetarian, juicing daily, maintaining my stress level...keeping it down, trying to get at least 8 hours of sleep and exercising. 


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