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April 2008 - Going Under the Knife
July 15th, 2011

Two weeks before my surgery I cut my hair short. If I had to go through chemo I wanted to gradually shorten my hair so that if it all fell out it wouldn't be too shocking for me.

On April 19th, my sister, a couple of friends and I went out for a pre-surgery celebration.

After my diagnosis I was determined to do everything (natural) I could possibly do.  I became vegan which seemed to be a logical choice when I had already committed to being vegetarian, but I found the diet too strict and difficult to maintain.  I remained a vegetarian, but gradually introduced small amounts of (organic, hormone-free) dairy back into my diet.  I also began drinking freshly made organic juices that consisted of carrots, beets, broccoli, and oranges daily. I couldn’t control cancer, but I could control every single thing I put into my body.

On Friday, April 25th (a day I'll never forget) I went in for surgery. It was a success. The surgeon removed a larger area around the tumor to ensure that we had clean margins (if they weren't I'd have to go back for an additional surgery). Tests of the surrounding areas were negative which meant I wouldn't have to go back. I went home with a drain below my right arm and limited movement. I took the following week off from work and allowed myself to recover.

My Medical Records

Although I’m sharing my medical records with you, I ask that you do NOT do the same for privacy reasons. I went though and made sure that any sensitive information was removed before I did so.

Why would I want to share this? I’m sharing this information because it’s part of my story, and there is power in stories.  If you’re life has been touched by cancer – whether you or someone you love has been diagnosed - you can learn from my (and others) experience. Perhaps reading my biopsy or pathology report will make it just a bit less scary for you. Maybe you’ll feel more confident approaching your oncologist about treatment options when you’ve read the results of someone else who went through what’s happening to you right now.  Whatever the case, my intention is to be a resource and share what I’ve learned.

So here it is:


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