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June 2008 - An Angel to the Rescue
July 15th, 2011

During a visit to an acupuncturist, whom I had been seeing for the past two months,I was introduced to a patient who had gone through everything I was about to undergo. Her name was Rita and she was an angel.

She told me about the treatments she went through which wasn’t conventional chemo. It was called IPT. She recommended I research it and referred me to her doctor. From what she described, this was the option I knew existed; the one that I was waiting for.  As soon as I got home I looked it up and decided this was for me. I shared the information with my family and friends and they were on board.

I couldn't wait to call the oncologist and cancel my appointments. She was not happy with the news and insisted I needed chemo. I politely thanked her but I was going to move forward with my decision.

I set up a consultation to learn more about IPT and the doctor walked me through the process. I was thrilled with what I heard and decided to do my treatments there. He too suggested getting a port which I went ahead and scheduled for July along with my first IPT session.

In addition he recommended I have blood drawn and sent to Germany. The purpose of the Germany test was to grow tumors from any cancerous cells that might still be circulating in my blood. From these tumors they would try a series of different chemo treatments to see which had the best results. Based on the results of these tests, the chemo recommended by Sloan were the ones with the least effect.

My IPT schedule was as follows:

  • Twice a week for 4 weeks
  • Once a week for a month
  • Once every other week for a month
  • Once a month for 6 months (what is considered the maintenance period)


In addition to the above I was took several vitamins and minerals. After the first month or so, I also added high doses of vitamin C after each IPT session. I started with 50 grams = 50k milligrams and went up to 80 grams over the next few months.

IPT - Insulin Potentiation Therapy is a new approach to treating cancer that involves no new drug products. The therapy uses insulin, and takes advantage of the powerful, cell-killing effects of ordinary chemotherapy drugs, but used in very low doses.


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