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Other/Rare Cancer (Stage IV), 2018
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August 25th, 2021

Cancer, It was like a nightmare for me... 24 Years Old (2018) I was diagnosed with monophasic synovial sarcoma, people in their twenties usually struggle with their works, fulfilling their dream and having fun, while myself I have to think about how to fight cancer and protect my left hand so that it can be saved... “Left Handed Girl your  Left hand is Sick”… maybe you've been tired of working for 24 years so you need a long rest... Get Well Soon My Left Hand

I was diagnosed with cancer when I was in Bali (a city in Indonesia)  No family around me, only colleagues. when I received the report that I was diagnosed with rare cancer I had to pretend that I was okay and continue with my job until the time for resignation… well for the others, I am a strong and happy person, but actually, I felt stressed, I was afraid that cancer will torture me ... Around 2-3 weeks after being diagnosed, I went back to Batam (another city in Indonesia) my home, I immediately flew to Malaysia for a medical check-up and treatments.. but I was rejected and got a recommendation to a specialist hospital, luckily I met a good doctor who helped me to find a specialist and helped me to make an appointment with him... After I got an appointment with the only specialist doctor in Malaysia, finally, I felt like there was a hope..  but The doctor said the possibility for me to recover isn't high and it was possible that my hand could be deformed...  Hmmm and I decided not to seek for medical treatment and choose Chinese Herbal Treatment instead…. 

I did Chinese Herbal Treatment for a year, but it didn't give me a good result, my tumor got bigger so my Chinese Herbal physician recommended me to go for medical treatment... Then I found a hospital in Guangzhou (Cancer Hospital).. Here I met a nice doctor... This doctor has been trying to heal my cancer and always want me to keep my left hand, due to my age and future ahead of me….  it was a quite long treatment in Guangzhou from chemotherapy, particle implantation, and my tumor was badly damaged that I had to clean it every day... like hell. cleaning the wound was the hardest part of the day for me… a day before doing wound cleansing, I would start to cry... terrible trauma... finally, I know what trauma means... Omggggggg

As time goes by, my condition is getting better and better, even though I still have to do some serious wound care and my left hand is still not normal because of the severe damage caused by cancer but I am free from chemotherapy…. I hope this cancer doesn't come back... I want to wake up from this nightmare... I want to start a normal life, to have a normal hand, a healthy body….

And I Know Miracles Do Exist As Long As You Believe In God

Thank God for still loving me, for bringing so many nice people to me when I need them

Thanks to my mother who has always been there for me at home, at the hospital and until now she has been the only one who cleans my wound because I didn’t let another person touch my wound except my doctor in Guang zhou… 

Thanks to My family and friends for the prayers and supports for me

Thanks to My doctor Mr. Li Zhi Fei, Dr. Liang xiao hua, my herbal physician, some doctors I have met

Thanks For All Nice People, Thanks For My Fellow Cancer Fighter


God Bless U aLL