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Tonia Megaloudis
July 7th, 2011

WTF Dino.  This is how I will always remember my dear friend Tonia and the snarky way she would deliver that line to her boyfriend then Husband Dino.

Toni is a dear friend who lost her life the Cancer. I first meet Tonia at a Halloween party back in 1994 and loved her from the fist second. She was an extraordinarily loving person who walked into a room and owned it. Her beauty and voluptuousness were only matched by her humor and confidence- man she was something.


Toni married on of my best friends Dino while we were in our 20's and our families became very very close. We actually raised our kids together spending far too many memories to detail in this post.


I am writing about Tonia because I believe my involvement with supporting her during her  Cancer fight may help others.



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